Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4 Months Along!

This little baby is 4 months along now! I'm feeling pretty great!  I'm still waiting on that burst of energy that is supposed to return in the 2nd trimester, but other than that I can't complain. Honestly, I don't know if I had any energy even before I got pregnant so I'm not sure there was any energy to return. :) Maybe this is just what it's like being pregnant while chasing 2 little ones on the loose! We find out on July 10th what we are having. That is just a couple of weeks away and I can't wait! We are set with 3 solid boy names that we know we will choose from but we can't seem to settle on any girl names. We have a few ideas, but nothing that is really grabbing at us right now. I have a feeling that I know what it is, but then again who really knows!
Being pregnant this many times means that things are already very stretched and prone to pooching, hence the big ole belly! The back aches have already set in too but I'm not puking so I'm a happy mama! I'm still actually 2 1/2 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight. I lost 5, gained 5, then lost 2 1/2 which puts me at -2.5 lbs so far. I'm starting to feel those little taps more frequently and I just love it. Mike is so excited and keeps saying he can't wait until the belly is huge :) We are trying to take all in. We've learned a few times that things don't always go according to plan, but if everything goes "as planned" this baby will be the baby of our family. The last little one. 
The cravings and aversions have chilled out a bit, but it's really hard to find a food that tastes really good and gives that full satisfying feeling. But I found it this month! Trader Joe's chocolate chip dunkers, jolly rancher chews and grilled chicken of all things. 
Next time we will update with a gender status!

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