Thursday, June 27, 2013

what's up buttercup

Not much lately! Just enjoying slow, pretty, fun days and taking it easy. There were a lot of things I loved about Texas, but the weather was not one of them. Texas really ruined summers for me but I think living in Seattle I can come to love them again. It is BEA-UTIFUL!!!! You can play outside after 9 a.m. without being miserable =)

picnic time...
 passie weaning...sad little guy :-(
Phase one: day time
and now on day 3, this is where we are at. Passie weaning is hard little guy. But I really think it's harder for mama. I just want to give it to him so bad and just make the screaming stop! Must stay strong :)
 Funny story about this little wild man. I was cleaning house. Ella loves to clean house with me too. I didn't think much about it or bother to look up from the bathtub I was cleaning when Luca baby said, "mama I cweaning wif you!" I said, "yay good job bubby!" I finished cleaning the bathtub and came in to find a toddler boy's version of cleaning: "dusting" out the dog's water bowl with a feather duster and then mopping the kitchen floor with it :-) I have a sneaking suspicion that he knew better, but still, how do you spank that? He was so proud! See the fist? He said, "yessss" as if he nailed it! Oh, adventures with Luca :)
As Luca get's older, I continue to learn all about having a little boy and how different they are from little girls! I love it. I feel so blessed to do both. It makes me super excited about finding out what little baby reading is. Boys and girls are so different but oh so sweet! For example...

Luca keeps my on my toes because he really can't be trusted. Ella could give attitude sometimes but overall she was pretty compliant and I never dealt with the mischief. Luca? I have to follow the kid around all day long to keep him alive. He gets into everything and will do/try everything!

Luca's thinking: I can do what I want if I'm under the blanket because she can't see me! (nevermind the little feet hanging out) hehe :)
 Mommy's thinking: Oh gosh, Luca is hiding under the blanket. What does he have now?
Busted! The peach I just told him that he couldn't have. Shocker.
 We are still working on the house bit by bit. Project by project! I'm trying to get it all painted before the belly takes over. We are showing off our house room by room as we get it done :) Last weekend we finished the bedroom and I LOVE how the color turned out...

Still not sure what to do over this chest. I really want a TV in our bedroom. It's an ongoing debate between Mike and I...stay tuned ;)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Big Wheel

The Reading Family are still living as tourists in Seattle :) We have lots to do and see! Saturday we went downtown to Seattle's Big Wheel. It's out on a pier on the water, Puget Sound. 
Waiting in line!
 Going up up up and around!
photo bombed by ella :) 
 View from the top...

Puget Sound

wonderful views of the water, mountains and city...

I spy a cruise ship and I want on!!!
This pretty much sums up their personalities!

After our ride on the ferris wheel, we had lunch and walked around Pike's Place Market...home of the flying fish!

The kids were terrified of this scary guy hanging down. The workers moved it from the back with a rope that was tied to it's tail under the ice. It's mouth was hanging wide open and you could see all his teeth. The kids were not amused. Not one single bit. 
This one was downright terrified...
we browsed all the little shops and found this guy.
Luca got close enough to give him a high five so he could get candy...

It was a beautiful family funday!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

4 Months Along!

This little baby is 4 months along now! I'm feeling pretty great!  I'm still waiting on that burst of energy that is supposed to return in the 2nd trimester, but other than that I can't complain. Honestly, I don't know if I had any energy even before I got pregnant so I'm not sure there was any energy to return. :) Maybe this is just what it's like being pregnant while chasing 2 little ones on the loose! We find out on July 10th what we are having. That is just a couple of weeks away and I can't wait! We are set with 3 solid boy names that we know we will choose from but we can't seem to settle on any girl names. We have a few ideas, but nothing that is really grabbing at us right now. I have a feeling that I know what it is, but then again who really knows!
Being pregnant this many times means that things are already very stretched and prone to pooching, hence the big ole belly! The back aches have already set in too but I'm not puking so I'm a happy mama! I'm still actually 2 1/2 lbs under my pre pregnancy weight. I lost 5, gained 5, then lost 2 1/2 which puts me at -2.5 lbs so far. I'm starting to feel those little taps more frequently and I just love it. Mike is so excited and keeps saying he can't wait until the belly is huge :) We are trying to take all in. We've learned a few times that things don't always go according to plan, but if everything goes "as planned" this baby will be the baby of our family. The last little one. 
The cravings and aversions have chilled out a bit, but it's really hard to find a food that tastes really good and gives that full satisfying feeling. But I found it this month! Trader Joe's chocolate chip dunkers, jolly rancher chews and grilled chicken of all things. 
Next time we will update with a gender status!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

So much to celebrate...

 For starters, Mike and I just celebrated 7 years! Seven of the best years of my life! When we look back on all we've done the past 7 years we are amazed. We had a sitter for the kids and we ventured downtown to the space needle for a lovely dinner. We walked around and got to know our new city some more. It really is beautiful!

 on the elevator going up to the top!
 We sat facing the window of the rotating top and got a 360 view of this beautiful place...
View from the top. After dinner, we went out to the deck on top for an even better view...

 Our neighborhood is across the water...

 Happy 7 years to us! I can't wait to see what the next 7 hold!
 This little gentleman is bringing his mama coffee :) I gave him the mug to take to Daddy and Daddy filled it up and gave the mug of scalding hot liquid to our 2 year old! I could have gotten up to take it, but I got my camera out instead. He's so cute :)
 This is usually what our mornings look like for a couple hours before we even think about starting the day...

 We are also celebrating beautiful sunny yummy weather! By now in Texas it's already 8,000 degrees outside. I love that we can go out and play at any part of the day and even get a little chilly in the morning and evening. A true spring! I love seasons!

Here they are playing outside (yes, in their pjs) and looking for rolly polys...or "wowwy powwys" as Luca would say.
 grilling out and playing in the backyard...

 And today we celebrate FATHER'S DAY! I am so thankful for the Daddy that Mike is to our little lovelies. We are truly blessed to have such a Godly man that loves us, serves us, takes care of us, leads by example, is patient, kind, caring, playful and fully invested. He is one of a kind and Ella, Luca and mystery baby #3 are so lucky to have him. Today after church we tried a new place we've been hearing about called Gorditos, where the burritos are as big as babies and they have a picture wall to proved it! We are so bringing new baby Reading here after he/she is born to take his/her burrito picture!

daddy and his damsel in distress...
Ella is my little poser. She loves the camera and bat her eyes. Luca on the other hand... :) I took pics of all of these silly little faces...
to get this sweet little pic of little man and his daddy :)