Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunny in Seattle!

It has been beautiful...sunny and 70s! I have been a little more adventurous and got out and about with the kids with some other people. I was so thankful for them pulling me out of the house and helping a lost mama out! We took a trip to the zoo to enjoy the beautiful weather and to wear these kiddies out. The zoo is so close to our house!

 The look on this gorilla's face was cracking me up...
 Last Thursday we ventured out to Salmon Bay park. I can't believe how many parks we have around us that are sooo close. Not just regular parks. Cool parks with zip lines and all sorts of things that make me want to go play too!

We had a play date with our new friend Aiden to the Lynnwood pool. It was to die for. They have slides that wind out around the outside of the building for peet's sake! The mommies had just as much fun if not more :)

Fridays are turning into family fun days. We started off this past Friday at the french bakery. Delish.


 Later that day, Mike took the kids to Carkeek Park. I stayed home to get some things accomplished and let me tell you, I got more done in those two hours than I did all week! But once Mike sent me these pics I immediately regretted staying home. I mean seriously. Beautiful. And the bubble man was there. Not only did he have bubble that could stand on the grass, he also had a polka dot van. What's not to love?

 That night, the kids had a movie night downstairs while Mike and I had movie night upstairs.

All for now!