Monday, April 8, 2013


We've enjoyed our stay in Arkansas before our journey to Seattle! It's been a big week for sure! From Friday to Friday I resigned from my job, began the transition to being a stay at home mommy, traveled across 4 states to visit many family members, celebrated Easter and Mike's Nerdy Thirty! WOW! That's quite a week if you ask me. It still hasn't hit that I'm not going back to work yet. We've had so much fun and we haven't been in Dallas so it feels more like spring break :) These pics are just some random ones left from our time here in Arkansas...
Ella, Luca and Grandmama!

Ella playing dress up in Aunt Kim's antique treasures...just as I did as a little girl :)

Pampering my princess!
She chose a purple sparkly manicure :)

cousin time in Van Buren!

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