Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Golden Gardens

We visited this beautiful place last weekend. We watched seals, played on the beach and then played on the park. There are so many places to choose from! It will take us a while to visit them all and find our favorites...but this one was absolutely gorgeous! Ella changed out of her bedtime tutu to her at home tutu and then to her park tutu :) the girl has had a tutu on for days now. And little Luca? Well he is more ornery by the day...just as a little 2 year old boy should be!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Welcome to Seattle

6 years, 5 homes , 4 jobs, 3 states 2 kids and  1 dog later…we are in SEATTLE!!!

We took this picture just a couple days before we left. 
We moved to Texas as a family of two. Now look at us! 
Goodbye Texas!
You know what I love? This is my first home when I was a little girl...I loved this home. Still do.
Doesn't it look very similar to our new home in Seattle? I love it!

My amazing mom was here last weekend to help us move in. We have a lot of room, but not a lot of closet space so it was a bit of a challenge! But we solved the jigsaw puzzle and made it work once again! She left on Monday and I was lost. I have no idea what to do or where to go. Even if I did, I wouldn't know how to get there! So for the first part of the week we (the kids and I) stayed huddled up in the house and just got cozy in our new home. I enjoyed lots of couch time after all the moving.

We've tried to take an outing every day to a nearby park. There are plenty to choose from! I've seen some beautiful places, but don't have pics yet. We took Ella to her future school playground where she will attend kindergarten in the fall! What I wouldn't do to have this house next to the school to look over my little girl every day. I could would totally sit at that top floor sipping coffee and keep watch over the playground :) kidding. not really. 
 Our future Whittier Wildcat!
 On Friday we had a Friday Family Funday. Daddy was with us so we were able to get out and about to Explore our little part of Seattle. It was a super rainy day, but we got out and played anyway!
 We started off the morning with breakfast from Fat Hen...a Ballard restaurant around the corner from our house.
Then we hit up Market Street in our neighborhood. 
We took the kids to Cupcake Royale and visited many of the little shops... 

Then we went to buy some records for the home at Bop Street Records on Market Street. Pretty awesome. Mike and I went for some jazz records and Ella picked out Sleeping Beauty :) 
 Later that day it was naps, moving watching, dinner and cookie baking...to the tunes of our new Sleeping Beauty vinyl :) All in all a pretty great day!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

slumber party at the Herrera Casa!

We got to stay a couple nights with our besties before we left. Our car was leaving for Seattle on Tuesday and we didn't leave until Thursday. We moved out of our home before we went to Arkansas so what a good excuse to soak in some extra special time with our favorites! They made it so special. The first night they cooked a delicious meal complete with Herrera rice! The weather was beautiful so we had dinner on the patio. 
They had this adorable owl cookie cake made (she knows me well!). 
and of course a dance party!

The night was complete with the sweetest an most thoughtful gifts. 
Luca got a little toy airplane and me, Amy and Ella got friendship rings!
Luca was more than upset about not being included with the girls...so we had to find him a ring (a gold string tied together) so the boy would calm down! He was hysterical!
They also got us an adorable little owl wind chime so we can think of them every time we hear it!
The next day everyone had to work. It was a cold rainy day so we snuck in some snuggles before the moving madness begins...

Today we took the kids to see The Croods and then I went to Abuelos with the girls one last time. Lots of laughs, talks and shenanigans as usual :) They made this frame for me with pictures from all of our best memories!

Hersson had to work tonight so we got to visit the fire station! And that's also where we had to say goodbye to him :-( It was a fun way to say goodbye though.

 Ella getting "shots"! 
 Luca really thought he was driving. He was so cute! 
 Now Ella wants to be a "fighterfighter" when she grows up! That's a far cry from her previous career choice of a singing mommy :)
 Then we got to turn the lights on. The look on his face was priceless!
Yep. That's right folks. All that intensive training to be able to do this... 

 and then the goodbyes :(

 photobombed by Ella!

Our stuff arrived in Seattle today!
Ella found her some dandelions and made a wish. She wished to move to Seattle haha. She's so excited. That makes my heart happy. 

We will see you tomorrow!