Thursday, March 7, 2013

Texas Timeline

I feel like we were just babies when we moved to Texas. I had no idea the journey ahead of us that God had in store. I had no idea how this adventure would impact our lives so greatly and mean so much. I had no idea how much we would grow and change. In our minds we were just taking the next step! Honestly, I just thought we were here so Mike could go to seminary. I didn't think beyond that. Yes, Mike went to DTS, but our time in Texas was leading to much greater things and had much more purpose. I wasn't able to fathom the "beyond" after seminary so I just assumed we'd move back home or stay here. Not very much time went by before we realized that God had big plans for us. I never imagined the roots we would grow here and how it would lead to our future. God ALWAYS has a plan! It's been a beautiful journey. Not always easy, but incredible.
When we moved to Texas it was just us! We had been married for 1 year.
We moved to Plano to a teeny tiny apartment...because we had no idea how much room a little baby could take up!
I was about this pregnant with Ella. There were so many new things going on. In addition to our upcoming addition, Mike was starting seminary...
and I began my career!
 I was thrilled to be hired in such an amazing district. Lakeside quickly became my home and I made so many friends right off the bat.
Soon after I began my first year of teaching, our tiny Ella Avery was born.
Simply unforgettable.
We made many friends here that became our family...friends that will be friends forever no matter how many miles apart we are. We were realizing there was more to this journey than seminary. We were changing and dreams were stirring. God was showing us what He wanted for our lives. In the meantime, Little Miss turned one...
and then we moved to Coppell to this house. We were literally busting at the seams in our apartment and there was no room to grow! I taught in Coppell so we packed up and moved to the suburbs.
Then, Ella turned two! We took a trip to New York at this time  now that Mike knew he was called to plant a church...out of the Suburbs. New York was one of the places we loved and were looking to plant.
Very soon after we learned that Ella was going to be a BIG SISTER!!! It was during this time we took a trip to Seattle, Washington...another place that God was directing us to.
Mike graduated from DTS a few months before I had Luca. Mike was working at Park Cities Baptist Church at the time as was really started to narrow down what God wanted us to do and where He wanted us to go. 
Mr. Man was well on his way.
I continued teaching as Mike continued working and honing in on his calling. This time in our lives was definitely a group effort! Things got busy. God was really working and we tried to be as obedient as possible to uncertain as it was.
And then this beautiful thing was born and the world stopped spinning for a while. I was so head over heals in love with Ella that I couldn't imagine having as much love for another! But I fell hard for this little big guy...

and then they met...
and she fell in love too!
Then I knew we were ok again. One big happy family of 4!
And our baby Ella turned THREE!
It was during this time that Mike worked with The Door church. Life got even busier! Many things happened during this time period. We became pregnant with our third baby...another boy :) God had bigger plans for that angel baby and we long to meet him someday! He was definitely one of the most important things that has happened to us though. We learned a lot about life, loss and love during this time. We are changed for the better.
Luca turned 1 soon after...
And then she turned 4...
More trips to New York took place and God led us in that direction for many reasons. We sold most things out of our big house and moved AGAIN! We moved to an apartment in preparation to move to New York in the fall to plant a church. Mike was hired to do a church planting residency for intense training. God spoke to us very clearly during this time. Decisions were being made and God was leading us right along. And just when you think we thought we had it all figured out...boom! Seattle here we come!
This past year, Luca turned 2 and Ella turned 5.
Our journey to Seattle has been FIVE YEARS in the making. We are now ready to make our move. Our move to Texas was way beyond a little seminary extravaganza! There has been a lot of prayers and preparation for this.  Looking back on this journey, I can see how God led us every step of the way to be right where we are supposed to be today. He had bigger plans that we were imagining when we moved into our tiny little Plano apartment! It's neat to look back and reflect from day one because it's so clear that God always has a PURPOSE, even when we are clueless.
I'm excited for this next step. I'm going to be changing careers and staying at home with  my little lovelies :) As much as I've loved being a teacher, I'm ready to take a few things off my plate. Kids are getting bigger and life is getting busier and I feel it's more important now than ever to be available as much as possible. Being a working mom has been the hardest thing I've ever done! But I've done my best and I can definitely say God blessed me through that as well. 
"Celebrate we will cause life is short but sweet for certain..." -Dave Matthews

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