Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Forward

Spring has sprung and we are moving full speed ahead! The packing festivities have begun and I am finishing my last couple weeks of school. We've had a lot of pajama days while packing and entertaining the kids who's toys are being put in boxes.  My little artist Ella got creative with her lalaloopsy pages and put on a little art show for us...

 so proud! love my little girlie girl.
 We went to Arkansas for the first part of spring break. I didn't take many pictures while we were there. I was too busy relaxing. Can you be busy while relaxing? haha. Anyway, I managed to snap a couple of Luca man snuggling up on Granny and Grandpa. I love these little moments :)

It was super cold the first part of the week. Ella and Pippa got cozy on the couch for story time...

And Ella and Luca made some new friends! No matter where we go, these two will always have country in their blood :) I have to watch you know who when she plays with the cows to make sure she doesn't run off and suck her thumb :) Oh the things that mamas have to think about!
I couldn't believe this cow! He was eating right out of their hands. Luca would get twigs with leaves and this cow would take his nasty tongue (seriously, have you ever seen a cows tongue?) and would wrap it around the stick to rake all the leaves off! Luca was so sweet and in the cutest little voice he just repeated, "hi cow"!
 When we got back to Texas, the weather was beautiful but there was no time to play! We had avoided packing long enough and it was time to get to work! We did manage to squeeze in one last breakfast at the local diner...one of our local hotspots we visit frequently for Saturday morning breakfasts. :) I will miss our dates at the diner but we will be on the lookout for a new one!

Spring soccer has begun as well! Ella rocked her first game and scored 12 out of 18 goals for her team! Never did I ever think I would have a little soccer queen :) Pass me some pom poms or a balance beam and I'm good to go...but a soccer ball (or any other ball for that matter)...I'm done! 
 Luca just chillin with his "pop" doing what he does...looking innocent and cute and then trying to escape to the soccer field.

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