Sunday, March 17, 2013

Miami Reunion!

The Miami girls and I had a little going away party/reunion. Of course, good times were had by all! One of my dearest friends Elise works for the Crescent, probably the nicest hotel in Dallas. She hooked us up and somehow we ended up with one of the nicest suites there! Like the room on a separate section of the main hotel that stars and very important people stay in! For our room: Gwyneth Paltro, J Lo (and her twins!), Kristen Chenoweth, Harrison Ford, Angie Harmon, George W. and George his dad, Nancy Pelosi, and the list goes on. How fun is that? It was bigger than some of our homes haha. We almost didn't leave that night!

Typical Elise...above and beyond!

Our "pre and post appetizers"

Oh, you know, just chilling in my office...

getting ready!

Kung Fu...super fun place!
Can't dance anywhere without the tamborine!
You wanna dance with it too? It'll be five dollars (love you Sonya!)

Sure gonna miss these girls!

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