Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Go Jackrabbits!

Little Miss had her last soccer game as a Jackrabbit last night. She had such an awesome group of girls to play with and an amazing coach! We will definitely be on the hunt for a soccer team in Seattle!

Another reason we are sad to leave this team is because Ella got to play with her bestie, Cooper. These girls  became such good friends last year in the 3's preschool class with Mrs. Ashley. Even though they are in different classes this year, they are still in love!
Aren't they the cutest?
Ella finished with a bang scoring 11 out of 14 goals for her team! She rocked it! They usually take them out if they score too many goals but coach left her in so she could enjoy her last game. She ran her little legs off :)
And here's cool dude Luca rooting sissy on and taking notes for when he fiiiinally gets to play soccer. His goal every game is to get out on the field.

Good luck Jackrabbits! We will miss you!

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Diana said...

She's the cutest little thing! Such a sporty soccer girl!