Friday, March 22, 2013

Family Fun

We took the kids bowling last night! It was a lot of fun and MUCH easier than our last roller skating outing the the Herrera women :) 2 kids each with 8 wheels under their feet = LOTS of work for adults!!! We are making as many memories as we can here before we leave!

The ball was almost as big as Luca! This was his first time bowling. It was so cute because they didn't even make shoes small enough for his tiny feet :) He loves pushing furniture and lifting heavy things (all boy) so he loved to carry the balls around...and push all the buttons that kept resetting the lane...and scooting the roller...and putting his hands on the spinning belt where the balls come up. Oh Luca you keep us on our toes!

Miss Thang strikes a pose...even with a heavy ball. She beat us all in the game!
Look at the sheer determination on her face.
Fierce little lady!


We also got to meet our new little Niece yesterday! Madelyn Paige was born yesterday afternoon on March 21st! This is the 7th grandchild...our holidays are getting more fun all the time! We were so thrilled that she was born before we left. I got in some good baby snuggles. She is just a doll! Happy birthday Maddie!

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