Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Bye Lakeside

Thursday was my last day as a first grade teacher. While I am beside myself that I get to be a stay at home mom, I have to say goodbye to this first and that is so sad! I was so excited about our new ventures that I didn’t really think about how hard this was going to be until this week…especially Thursday. Teaching is a hard job. The kids are lovely and the job is fun but there is much more to it than that. This job has been a huge part of my life for the past 6 years and I’ve invested so much time, love, attention and devotion to this. I’ve made some amazing friends,built relationships with numbers of students and I’ve just grown very attached and it’s hard to let it go. These are the people I spend all day every day with! It’s like a family!

So Thursday, on my last day as a teacher, I didn’t worry about teaching an amazing conclusive lesson on magnets and I didn’t worry about correcting all of their writing or super star behavior.And I didn’t fret over math strategies or reading comprehension or assessing or documenting or monitoring or planning. We just read a lot, played some games and enjoyed being together for one more day! There were lots of hugs too. LOTS :-)

I’ve been showered with gifts and Texas paraphernalia to bring a bit of the South to our new home in the Northwest :) I’ve probably received about 80 letters from students…some begging me to stay, some telling me I’m the best teacher ever, some telling me their favorite memory with me, some bribing me to stay with hugs and some just telling me how beautiful they think I am haha (gotta love first grade). A few little girls planned a little surprise party too! This was in addition to a going away party planned by my room mom. These girls had been working hard to coordinate this big surprise by planning with other teachers and the principals and writing letters to get decor and a room in line. It was the sweetest. J)!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Go Jackrabbits!

Little Miss had her last soccer game as a Jackrabbit last night. She had such an awesome group of girls to play with and an amazing coach! We will definitely be on the hunt for a soccer team in Seattle!

Another reason we are sad to leave this team is because Ella got to play with her bestie, Cooper. These girls  became such good friends last year in the 3's preschool class with Mrs. Ashley. Even though they are in different classes this year, they are still in love!
Aren't they the cutest?
Ella finished with a bang scoring 11 out of 14 goals for her team! She rocked it! They usually take them out if they score too many goals but coach left her in so she could enjoy her last game. She ran her little legs off :)
And here's cool dude Luca rooting sissy on and taking notes for when he fiiiinally gets to play soccer. His goal every game is to get out on the field.

Good luck Jackrabbits! We will miss you!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Family Fun

We took the kids bowling last night! It was a lot of fun and MUCH easier than our last roller skating outing the the Herrera women :) 2 kids each with 8 wheels under their feet = LOTS of work for adults!!! We are making as many memories as we can here before we leave!

The ball was almost as big as Luca! This was his first time bowling. It was so cute because they didn't even make shoes small enough for his tiny feet :) He loves pushing furniture and lifting heavy things (all boy) so he loved to carry the balls around...and push all the buttons that kept resetting the lane...and scooting the roller...and putting his hands on the spinning belt where the balls come up. Oh Luca you keep us on our toes!

Miss Thang strikes a pose...even with a heavy ball. She beat us all in the game!
Look at the sheer determination on her face.
Fierce little lady!


We also got to meet our new little Niece yesterday! Madelyn Paige was born yesterday afternoon on March 21st! This is the 7th grandchild...our holidays are getting more fun all the time! We were so thrilled that she was born before we left. I got in some good baby snuggles. She is just a doll! Happy birthday Maddie!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Forward

Spring has sprung and we are moving full speed ahead! The packing festivities have begun and I am finishing my last couple weeks of school. We've had a lot of pajama days while packing and entertaining the kids who's toys are being put in boxes.  My little artist Ella got creative with her lalaloopsy pages and put on a little art show for us...

 so proud! love my little girlie girl.
 We went to Arkansas for the first part of spring break. I didn't take many pictures while we were there. I was too busy relaxing. Can you be busy while relaxing? haha. Anyway, I managed to snap a couple of Luca man snuggling up on Granny and Grandpa. I love these little moments :)

It was super cold the first part of the week. Ella and Pippa got cozy on the couch for story time...

And Ella and Luca made some new friends! No matter where we go, these two will always have country in their blood :) I have to watch you know who when she plays with the cows to make sure she doesn't run off and suck her thumb :) Oh the things that mamas have to think about!
I couldn't believe this cow! He was eating right out of their hands. Luca would get twigs with leaves and this cow would take his nasty tongue (seriously, have you ever seen a cows tongue?) and would wrap it around the stick to rake all the leaves off! Luca was so sweet and in the cutest little voice he just repeated, "hi cow"!
 When we got back to Texas, the weather was beautiful but there was no time to play! We had avoided packing long enough and it was time to get to work! We did manage to squeeze in one last breakfast at the local of our local hotspots we visit frequently for Saturday morning breakfasts. :) I will miss our dates at the diner but we will be on the lookout for a new one!

Spring soccer has begun as well! Ella rocked her first game and scored 12 out of 18 goals for her team! Never did I ever think I would have a little soccer queen :) Pass me some pom poms or a balance beam and I'm good to go...but a soccer ball (or any other ball for that matter)...I'm done! 
 Luca just chillin with his "pop" doing what he does...looking innocent and cute and then trying to escape to the soccer field.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Miami Reunion!

The Miami girls and I had a little going away party/reunion. Of course, good times were had by all! One of my dearest friends Elise works for the Crescent, probably the nicest hotel in Dallas. She hooked us up and somehow we ended up with one of the nicest suites there! Like the room on a separate section of the main hotel that stars and very important people stay in! For our room: Gwyneth Paltro, J Lo (and her twins!), Kristen Chenoweth, Harrison Ford, Angie Harmon, George W. and George his dad, Nancy Pelosi, and the list goes on. How fun is that? It was bigger than some of our homes haha. We almost didn't leave that night!

Typical Elise...above and beyond!

Our "pre and post appetizers"

Oh, you know, just chilling in my office...

getting ready!

Kung Fu...super fun place!
Can't dance anywhere without the tamborine!
You wanna dance with it too? It'll be five dollars (love you Sonya!)

Sure gonna miss these girls!