Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

These were Ella's valentines for school this year :)

We kept it pretty low key for Vday this year. We are having a belated valentines date with the Herreras next weekend. Yay! Here is our little heart breaker...
 Nit and Terry sent us a picture of all their little Valentines that day :)
Zoe, Eli (ay-ay according to Luca), Luca Bo and our Ella Avery!
 Our little lovelies were showered with valentines of course. 

I love them so...

On Valentines Day after school, we went to eat at Olive Garden. We were there very early along with everyone else that had babies, small children...or gray hair. Ella made it very clear that Daddy was HER Valentine...

so that made Luca mine! Just one of the many perks of having a boy and a girl...there is a valentine date for everyone!

Mike's Valentine was a little more well mannered than mine :) This is how my little man wanted to eat his noodles. By the time we left I had spaghetti sauce wiped all over my pants and a poopy diaper to change!

however, I enjoyed every minute of loving from this busy little luca baby...saucy pants and all :)

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