Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We have just been chillin on the weekends trying to live our Texas life to the fullest before we make the big move! Here is a recap of the past couple weekends...
making smores...mmm :)

movie nights...
 girls nights...manis, pedis, dinner and shopping!
 One movie night, these two were watching their own movie in Ella's bedroom. We here little giggles crawling close to the floor trying to sneak up on us so I busted out my camera just in time for these two little ones to jump out and scare us! Could they be any cuter? Gosh they are growing up so fast.
 Then on Sunday, the weather was beautiful so we took a walk to Tappys with the Herreras. On teh way there, the kids took a nice stroll in the wagon. On the way back, they were hyped up on sugar and wanted to walk...so Mommy and Amy go to take a nice stroll in the wagon!

Last but not least...we've been so busy lately that take every opportunity we can to stay in our pjs...even at the park :)

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