Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blog Books

A major project of mine is complete and I am SO excited!!! My blog is now in books! All five years. I've been wanting to do this for a while but it's expensive to do it all at once. I have so many pictures, stories and memories posted on this blog. It tells the story of our ever evolving journey through life starting with the birth of our baby Ella. They are precious memories and now I'll always have them to flip through and to share with the kids when they are all grown up. Everyone with a blog should do this!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

celebrate good times

We had many reasons to celebrate this weekend! On Friday, in keeping with last years tradition, we started out on a belated Valentine double date with our Herreras! We stuffed ourself at Pappadeuxs and then came back to our place to play some games and have dessert. 

 and then on saturday, my hunky hubby turned 30!!! Happy birthday babe! I love this guy.  I mean, really...he's handsome, loving, caring, strong, sensitive, smart, adventurous, witty and he takes such good care of us. I'm so lucky that I get to spend the rest of my life with him. I can't wait to see what the next decade has in store!

we celebrated with Blue Moon and Guiness cupcakes, compliments of my mom and dad! Beer cupcakes. Delish! Who would have thunk it?
 Today Ella and Cooper met up at Sweet and Sassy for some pampering and girl time :) We ran into some construction on the way there and I got a little turned around. Ella is always nervous in the car alone with me b/c she hates getting lost and I have to admit, it happens a lot :) Anyway, she asked if we were lost and I calmly replied, "just kind of" and she says, "so basically we are lost. Kind of is still lost mom." Then she throws her hands up on her face and says, "this is such a disaster! We are lost, there's struction (construction) and traffic!" It reminded me of when I got turned around when we were in Seattle and she asked if I knew where I was going. I said, "yes but  I need to turn around. We are fine Ella!" Then she busts out in the back seat telling us (but really telling herself), "nobody panic! NO BODY PANIC!!!" haha But as always we made it in one piece!

Anyway, back to girls day...They chose the same color and style of everything of course!
 They got their nails painted, makeup and their hair done!
 They chose blue eyeshadow and emerald green sparkly nail polish :) Fancy!

 These little girls are so sweet together. According to them, they aren't just best friends. They are "best friends in the whole world!" They sure will miss each other when we move.  
Getting their up-do! They both chose the princess style with a braid :) I love having a little girl!!!

 Time for a runway show!

 workin it...

 And of course the mama's were serenaded with Cooper and Ella's song (yes they have a song). Anyone at Ella's birthday party will be able to guess before I tell you.

Weee-E! Are never ever everrrrrr, getting back together!!!
 Aww fun times :) They had to document their playdate for preschool with Frankie the Frog haha
 And then there is this foxy baby boy who is just so darn cute!

He's getting so big!
 Him in all his handsomeness. LOVE.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We have just been chillin on the weekends trying to live our Texas life to the fullest before we make the big move! Here is a recap of the past couple weekends...
making smores...mmm :)

movie nights...
 girls nights...manis, pedis, dinner and shopping!
 One movie night, these two were watching their own movie in Ella's bedroom. We here little giggles crawling close to the floor trying to sneak up on us so I busted out my camera just in time for these two little ones to jump out and scare us! Could they be any cuter? Gosh they are growing up so fast.
 Then on Sunday, the weather was beautiful so we took a walk to Tappys with the Herreras. On teh way there, the kids took a nice stroll in the wagon. On the way back, they were hyped up on sugar and wanted to Mommy and Amy go to take a nice stroll in the wagon!

Last but not least...we've been so busy lately that take every opportunity we can to stay in our pjs...even at the park :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

These were Ella's valentines for school this year :)

We kept it pretty low key for Vday this year. We are having a belated valentines date with the Herreras next weekend. Yay! Here is our little heart breaker...
 Nit and Terry sent us a picture of all their little Valentines that day :)
Zoe, Eli (ay-ay according to Luca), Luca Bo and our Ella Avery!
 Our little lovelies were showered with valentines of course. 

I love them so...

On Valentines Day after school, we went to eat at Olive Garden. We were there very early along with everyone else that had babies, small children...or gray hair. Ella made it very clear that Daddy was HER Valentine...

so that made Luca mine! Just one of the many perks of having a boy and a girl...there is a valentine date for everyone!

Mike's Valentine was a little more well mannered than mine :) This is how my little man wanted to eat his noodles. By the time we left I had spaghetti sauce wiped all over my pants and a poopy diaper to change!

however, I enjoyed every minute of loving from this busy little luca baby...saucy pants and all :)