Saturday, November 10, 2012

The holiday season is here!

This little bloggy blog has taken a backseat to the holiday season! Things are busy around here and it's not going to slow down anytime soon...but thats ok because I LOVE this time of year. Even though there is a lot going on with travels and things to do, we are going to make sure we take time to enjoy, celebrate and cherish every moment. So here's to catching up...

My nephew Wyatt's first birthday! (and that's my new little niece in Dee's tummy)!!!
Luca and Wyatt...
Luca and Eli at Nit's house...probably causing trouble and still managing to look sweet at the same time :)

I blogged Ella's birthday party, but I didn't get a chance to post on the day she turned FIVE!!! She woke up to a special pink birthday cupcake and put on one of her new birthday presents to wear to school. We brought pumpkin cupcakes to school to celebrate our little pumpkin. And then for dinner she requested pizza. 
one, two, three, four, FIVE!
Amy and Hersson came over later that day to shower the birthday princess with flowers, a special hat and lots of hugs...
We've spent a lot of beautiful days at the soccer field and wrapped up the fall soccer season!
We had a soccer party at the park afterwards...
Ella was so excited for her medal. I love her face in this picture. She's trying so hard not to smile too big! Her first "award" ever! 
 Yay Ella! We are so proud of you!!

Ella took a field trip with her class to the pumpkin patch. I love my little rock star showcasing all of the pumpkins haha. This is Ella and her friend Jaden!
and we also had pirate day at school!. 

Ella and Jaden!
For Halloween this year, Mike and I were going to go as Edward and Bella to our halloween party. The little kiddies ended up very sick so we didn't get to go, but I still made him wear his wig around that night! O well, there's always next year! 
Ella and Mommy being silly...
The weather has been beautiful so we've made sure to soak up as much time outdoors as possible...

And I leave you with the most adorable bed head I've ever seen :) I love this picture because it was the most wonderful morning. Luca woke up early, Daddy was gone, for some reason Mommy was able to wake up early as well. Luca was so so snuggly and just laid with me, talked with me and cuddled for a good 20 minutes. I cherish those moments with my busy bouncy toddler!

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