Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Haloween!!!

We had so much fun this year. Luca was old enough to really get into it so it was double the fun! Ella was Crumbs Sugar Cookie-a lalaloopsy doll. This is the first year we let her pick and mama was very pleased! She was adorable! When we got home, she asked if she could be a vampire girl next year-apparently she was taking notes on other (much older) girl's costumes :) um, that won't be happening my love...haha.

She was so sweet to Luca. She made sure he knew which houses to go to and walked closely with him to make sure he wasn't afraid if there were scary pumpkins, jumping spiders or Halloween music. However each of them wanted to be the one to ring the doorbell AND knock-there was no taking turns haha. Trick or Treat!
Luca was Max, King on the Wild Things from the children's book and movie, Where the Wild Things Are. This could not have been a more appropriate costume for my little man who is wild enough to tame the wildest of monsters!!! In the story, Max is always making mischief and even told his Mommy, "I'll eat you up!" . So he's sent to his room and in his wildest imagination he sails to where the wild things are, makes himself king of the wild things and then tames them. He's not afraid of their terrible eyes, terrible claws or terrible teeth! He's not afraid of anything. Sounds familiar? At the end, he misses his mommy and sails back home :) 
My favorite line of the book: "LET THE WILD RUMPUS START!"

Our first stop was at Nit's house, of course, so they could see the kids!

He got the award for the most polite trick or treater :) He thanked everyone, wished them a Happy Halloween and waved at them to say bye until he was all the way down the side walk...pretty darn cute :) He took many breaks to eat his candy while he was trick or treating and then the unthinkable happened-our king of the wild things actually wore out and had to be carried home! First time this kid has run out of energy...ever. :) 
Here he is still waving bye and wishing everyone yelling "Appy Oween"! (happy halloween) :)

We went over to the Herrera casa for dinner and trick or treating! After we made our round through the neighborhood, we passed out candy for the later trick or treaters and called it a night! Ella got sick before we started trick or treating. I thought maybe she was just too excited until she woke up getting sick this morning too :/ so she's at home resting today so she can get ready for pirate day tomorrow at school!

Good night!

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