Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life is GOOD!

Fall is right around the corner, the holidays are approaching, we are settled in full swing to the new school year and life. is. GOOD! 
Ella started her 3rd year of dance and is still loving it. Now watch this video and tell me that Mrs. Melva isn't the best dance teacher ever!

Ella started soccer and is loving it. She is on Cooper's team and Cooper's daddy is the coach. This is very good for them to be able to play together since Ella is upstairs at school and doesn't get to see her as much. They have been missing each other in class ;(

Ella started school again and is loving it. Ms. Shelby is her teacher and also takes her home for me since we have a traveling Daddy this year! God has really blessed us this year with connections and friends to help us through this year. It's funny how the little things work out when you let it go :) Ella was promoted to the pre-k class upstairs and she is loving every second of school and Ms. Shelby.
 first day...

first day treat! She was a champ! (oh, and look at those BLUE eyes!!!)

Fall is right around the corner and we are loving it! We take every opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and nice weather. I can't wait to break out the fall clothes!!

And then there is this handsome little devil who has caused all sorts of trouble lately! I tell him every day "he's lucky he's so darn cute!"  

 I melt...


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