Sunday, September 9, 2012

Adventures with Luca

I'm sitting here on the couch wide awake right now at 1:15 A.M. I have to go to work tomorrow. However, I cannot sleep because have you ever been awaken with something frightening, and then when you realize it's ok, you are wide awake? Welp-good morning folks! I'm up for the night. I thought Luca had done it-he had finally broke free and was out of the safety of his own home and my protection.  Let's just talk about my wild little man who can't be trusted! Let me back up a bit...

When I was pregnant, I received a cute little package. It was a gift and wrapped so creatively. I also remember there being a tag on it that said: Boy: pronounced b-oi (noun) 1. A noise with dirt on it 2. Wildest animal in the zoo 3. Most precious to their mothers. When I saw that, I remember thinking "hmmm". I've talked a lot about #1 and #3, but I'm learning a lot about the 2nd definition of boy which brings me to this weekend life in the recent weeks-but most recently, this weekend.

We went to Ella's soccer game Saturday. It was a beautiful day. A great day to have the windows down in fact! You could see happy little Texans with the cool breeze blowing through their hair coming off of  a weekend of scorching 100+ heat. We were driving home from a fun morning and wanted to roll the windows down (yes we have to think these things through with Luca). Most parents can get away with just the child locks. We have window locks too! The windows are locked in our car or its dowwwn and uuuup and dowwwwn and uuuup. (Luca in the backseat of course) and then if we roll them down we lock them or its uuuup and down uuup and down. Have a mentioned the word "No" makes no difference? SO we take a chance-roll the windows down, you know "live a little". Low and behold, we get home and Luca's missing a shoe. He saw an opportunity and he took it. Mike drove all the way back to where we came from to find it in the road :) He just grew out of every pair of shoe he has, so it was crucial.

Then, sneaky sneakster get's Ella's sippy cup that he wants just because it's hers. Well, he finds it. Too bad it had miralax in it. That should teach him-but it probably won't.

So here's the funny story after a weekend of chasing Luca around to keep him out of stuff...tonight: I'm sound asleep and suddenly wake up because I hear something. It wouldn't be the first time Luca has been up in the morning or night playing by himself. We actually found him tonight playing in Ella's closet an hour after he had been put down.  This time I couldn't find him anywhere-and it's 1am. I was too scared to check the doors. I thought to myself "this is it. he got away from me. he's too wild. he can't be contained. what am i going to do!" (kind of like having a chimpanzee for a pet). I check all over the house-in and under things. Then I wake up Mike who can't find him either. Luckily before we called 9-1-1, we went back to check just one more time (mind you we'd checked the bed at least 3 times), and this time there he was. So teeny tiny and tucked UNDER a pillow. This one wasn't his fault-but my mind automatically went crazy because I've seen what this kid is capable of! I wouldn't put it past him. He's crafty, innovative, mischievous and CURIOUS. That's the dangerous part. I'm going to LOWS tomorrow and getting some chain locks. Yep-I'm going to lock my chimpanzee's little boy's cage home with a chain :)

So here I am-standing guard on the couch at 2 a.m. even though he never really was up. Thinking about how much I love that boy as exhausting as it is to make sure he's safe and sound. It's almost as though he needs a bodyguard because as protective as I am and as much as I hover-he still finds danger and mischief!

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