Tuesday, August 28, 2012

two years and very twoish

My lovely little Luca Bo,
You are most certainly two! Up until about a month before your birthday, you showed very few signs of acting "twoish". I thought you were going to be like Ella and behave yourself! Oh, but sweet boy, the day moment I started planning your party, you turned on every switch in your body that would have anything to do with being two and you morphed transitioned in that month an insane amount!
For starters, you grew!!! You made a comeback from the 30th percentile to the 50th! You grew taller, you gained a couple pounds and you FINALLY grew out of your size 5 shoes. Well, most of them ;)

You are fast. You came into the world very VERY fast and that seems to be an inate quality of yours! You can get a way from me and have the cabinets rearranged pictures pulled down from wall, milk poured out of fridge, remote hidden and out the door before I notice you've left the room. It's a wonder I haven't lost all the baby weight chasing you around ;)
You've always been a hoss baby-in your chunky days and in your teenier days. You've always been very strong-which brings me to a new hobby of yours these days...climbing dresser drawers using your little toes, rearranging furniture, throwing things-big.heavy.things. You got mad and threw my flower pot! And of course it broke! A pretty painted one I got from my class-shattered! I glued it back together and then less than a week later, I got this text from your Daddy one day when I was at school, "Luca threw your white decorative ball down the stairs, shattering your flower pot once and for all. But he missed Pippa who he was aiming for." Which brings me to my next point!
Baby boy you are W-I-L-D!!! I do not go many places with you alone these days! We are never sure how you will do or what you will do-but it's getting very interesting these days :-) Also, you sure are sweet on your mama and you just seem to know how much I love you and so no matter what I do right now, bad or ugly, you are unphased. I say you are determined, strong-willed, passionate and a little stubborn. Your Daddy says you are Italian.
I have to admit this is all new to us. Our little Ella Bella never went through such an active exhausting stage! But more than anything "twoish" about you, you are the love of our life. You and Ella. You have eyes just like Puss and Boots that melt me and most others every single time you flash them. As hard as this stage is, you know just when you've crossed the line and you need to come reach and ask mommy, "I hode you" or "mommy i wock (rock)". You are a mama's boy and you know how to melt hearts for sure.
You are talking up a storm now and your most common phrases are: Mommy yook! (look), here ya go, i go home, I hode you, i wock, and many more. But my all time fave right now-you mocking your sister as you trot down the hall saying, "UUUUGGGGHHHHH LUCA!!!!!" :)

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