Sunday, August 26, 2012

not much to report

Not much to report here! Other than I (once again) survived work week :) This year was great because we had a lot of time to work in our rooms-otherwise, I would have been up a creek. I made it by the hair of my chinny chin-but do not regret AT ALL living up every day of summer and not going to work "early" :) Anywho-we had a low key week. I worked and slept.

BUT, Ella did start soccer and she rocked it! Seriously wasn't excpecting that. Her daddy is an athlete, but if I was, I never would have known because never was I EVER remotely interested in ball sports. I just wanted to dance and flip :) But Ella really seemed to like it and did a great job so I'm excited for her this season. This is our first time to allow her to have two commitments and for now (or until December) it is soccer and dance. She was so cute. 

 Miss thang also decided she "needed" a swimming cap so she didn't mess up her "bootiful hair" in the pool. I told her I would buy her one when she learned how to swim. So what did that little girl do? She just up and started swimming. After swim lessons. On her own. Who knew all she needed was a swim cap? So of course I took the opportunity to buy her the frilliest most girly cap ever-the vintage retro "petal cap" :-)
 And this is the only pic I have right now of our bebe boy. Holding his arms up high so his big boy backpack would stay on at church. He has to hold his arms up or else it slides off his shoulders. So he he walks like this aaaalllllll the way into church.  I love that he wants to be big but is still so little. His 2 year post is coming up soon :) Wish me luck next week as I return to the working world!

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