Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Arkansas Part 2!

Well we are wrapping up our hometown extravaganza :-( We have had a blast! We've been here for so long and it's nice because it's like we've gotten to remember what it's like living back home with friends and family all around all the time. We have filled our buckets, regained some stamina and we are ready for another wild and crazy year!!! We've been married for 6 years now and every year has been wild and crazy, but I have a feeling this seventh year will put the last 6 to shame.

So here are a couple of gems left out of the last my family :)

 We stayed with Mike's brother and our sister in law in Springdale. We spend a lot of time in Springdale, but we never get to just hang out for hours on end like we used to...we used to live right across the street from each other (pre kiddie days) and it was so much FUN!! I snuck in on these sweet cousins snuggling during movie time.
 Mike and his brother David...being goofy
 playing with the cows early in the morning. We wake up and go outside!!!
 We were also so lucky and blessed that this trip happened to fall over Mike's family reunion. We had a lot of fun petting and riding horses, eating, watching kids play and catching up.

 eating peaches fresh off the tree with Uncle David!

 more cousin time!!! at the movies. This was Luca's first movie and he did relatively well. He got a little scared at first but then had fun with it. All was well until the last 15 minutes-we was out of popcorn and coke, he was over the movie and he threw his passie down a few rows and hit the woman in front of us on the head...our cue to leave :)

 and then there is MiMi camp and Luca's SECOND birthday!!! Pictures coming soon. I really can't wait to share our Little Man Luca's Mustache Bash :) 

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