Saturday, June 2, 2012

Southern Doll

Ella was a Southern Doll in her recital this year. It was incredibly adorable! I could easily turn into a dance mom if I don't watch myself :) It's near and dear to my heart! I looooved dance when I was little and I'm glad she does too.
getting ready for rehearsal with her dollie :)
 rehearsal at the studio...practicing with her doll, Samantha Ella, on the bar...
 sitting like ballerinas and listening to Mrs. Melva. Aren't the precious?
 practice practice practice!

 SHOWTIME!!! Her recital is always held at the Majestic. It is such a beautiful theater and Ella feels like a true princess dancing up on that stage!
(this year up top and last year below)

partners in crime

 Hey girl, you're gonna rock that pirouette tonight...
 let me give you some good luck kisses ;)
 Samantha Ella got a pretty new ballet outfit for recital day too!

 my diligent diva practicing away!

 flowers from Nana B!

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