Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NYC trip

6 years
5 jobs
4 degrees
3 moves
2 kids
1 dog later...
We are living our happily ever after :) Last week, Mike and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary! We definitely didn't waist any time before getting down to business. Every year has been packed full of adventures...one right after the other. I love it.

Last week we took a little visit to NYC!!! As we plan and think about a possible move to NYC in the future, we took the opportunity to roam neighborhoods and just BE in the city. We didn't go and do a bunch of the fun stuff. We just lived and functioned in the city in between assessments and meetings that we had. It was a very sobering trip...in a good way. We came back with many many things to pray about, think about,  and then pray some more about. Yes we love the city, yes we think it would be an adventure, yes we feel called to the city, yes it's our favorite place to be! But it is a process in which we plan to approach with a "walk don't run" mentality. There are many things to be considered first and then soooo many things to prepare for. It's a tough place to live! Many things have to be in line first...like the stars haha. Here is where we are at in the process...
-Mike has been blessed with a paid residency/training program for this next year.
-We have a host/sending church for the residency. We were very blessed with this because it just so happens to be at the church we attend and have always loved, IBC.

Now we are beginning the next phase of raising support, narrowing down an neighborhood and finding a partnership with a group of people in NYC. We are completely open to whatever God has in store. From here on out, it is very easy for me to "let go and let God" because I know we could not survive this on our own works or doing. I look back on our 3 year journey to this point and see 2 very distinct things: 1. Whatever we have tried to make happen on our own has failed. 2. Everything that has brought us to this point in giving us the tools, people, networks, churches, residency and everything else- has been a God thing...out of the blue and nothing that we chased after or worked to hard for. :) There isn't anything we can orchestrate ourselves.

It is a very vulnerable position we are in right now. I couldn't possibly tell you where we will be or what we will be doing this time next year. But I do know that for today, we are exactly where God wants us to be and that is good enough for me! All I have to do is look back on His faithfulness and presence in our lives, especially the last 6 months, and I know that it doesn't really matter what I do or don't do! That is what gives me peace and contentment through what most would consider a very unstable time. I've never felt more stable and secure.

Here is one of the neighborhoods we are looking into-the Financial District. Home of Ground Zero, Wall Street, NY stock exchange and the new Freedom Tower. There is only 1 known evangelical church in the neighborhood with a population of 60,000 people. Manhattan in and of itself is an intense place to live and this neighborhood was no refuge from it. There is a lot of life outside of the big buildings and A LOT of young families living there. We saw a lot of strollers and kiddies walking home from school with backpacks. That was the one thing I saw in this neighborhood that seemed "normal" to me haha. We loved it. Here are some pictures...

truly a concrete jungle

but if you can make your way through the concrete jungle, there is water on the outskirts! That's Brooklyn across the way...

 What I love is all of the nooks and crannies within this neighborhood where people actually live and real life takes place. People dining on the streets, enjoying entertainment on the streets and doing life in the city.

 this is what an NYC farmers market looks like haha.

So that is the Financial District. We managed to squeeze in a date night.  

And we got to meet up with our friends Michael and Kyndi! Mike and Michael worked together at PCBC and we took our first church planing NYC adventure with them a few years ago. They are planting in TriBeCa with Trinity Grace. It was good to catch up! Their daughter was kind enough to serve us some delicious wooden cake and "tea" from the faucet ;)

Instead of messing with the hotel thing, we were able to stay with some friends from home. This is the son and daughter-in-law from Mike's parents friends back in Van Buren. They were kind enough to open up their home to us! It may help  my addiction to reality tv if I had this to stare at every night.

All for now! We are home and packing in the last few play dates and activities before we head home for ARKANSAS!!! Seriously, can't wait.

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