Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello Summer!

 Summer Break has arrived!!! I seriously could not be happier. I love what I do...I teach sweet, funny, and seriously sweet first graders! But I also love staying at home with my little lovelies and getting to spend good time with them. One of the perks of my job is getting significant breaks to stay at home with Ella and Luca. It's been a very BIG school year! Some good-some not so good-but mostly good, so that's a win :)  Many things were hard to say good bye to and then of course there were a couple things I was so excited to bid good ridden to :-) Summer time is here and we have BIG plans. I've been preggers the last couple summers. Last summer I was on the couch and sick Oh so sick. It was HORRIBLE. The summer before that, I was nearly 9 months preggo with a very LARGE baby. This summer...Mama is feeling good and ready for some fun! Before I blog about that, I've got some catching up to do...
 Mothers Day-Was so sweet. I couldn't help but be a little sad remembering that I could have had a new little baby to celebrate on this day. But at the same time, I was SO proud and thankful to be Ella and Luca's mommy this day. And that sweet Ella, she made Mother's Day last like an entire month. I felt SO special and she was working hard to give me all the love :) My heart was so full.

 I went home to Arkansas for my sweet, beautiful and talented little cousin Morgan's HIGH SCHOOL graduation! I don't need much of an excuse to run home...but this was something special :) Mike and I decided to "divide and conquer" the trip by each taking a kid. I chose the wrong kid...I'll leave it at that. The first 24 hours were great. The remainder of the trip...there are no words.
pulling out all of my tricks to keep this kid happy on the plane!

 Ella and Luca had their last day at Nits :) Nit treated them to McDonalds. Ella was so sad to say good bye for the summer. I am SO blessed to have this woman to love, care for, nurture and mother my children every day. She has become family to us.
 and this pretty much sums up May for all of us...busy and tired! haha

Hello summer! Later mornings, slower days, naps, fun, late nights and memories :)

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