Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter 2012

I'm typing this post with one hand as I relish in something lovely and oh so wonderful (but rare these days)...Luca is sitting in my arms and cuddling with me!!! this boy doesn't sit still much these days. So needless to say, there will be minimal stories and the tying will be brief! A story in pictures you could say :)

We got to have two Easter's this year!!! This was our Easter in Van Buren...
Easter Sunday
by this point, we had had so much fun for 2 days straight and Luca baby was DONE WITH FUN!!! However, my party girl didn't stop until we were back to Texas :)

this is one of my favorite pics because it tells the story like it is...get em Sophie!!!

This was our Easter in Springdale...
We prepared by making eggs...pinterest inpired eggs! Pinterest will surely put Martha Stewart out of business...these ideas actually work. Now I consider myself a pretty crafty person and I still think Martha is full of it! haha

we had a lot of down time so we played outside a lot. The weather was beautiful! We were so excited. Our Easter's are usually cold and/or rainy.
Ella noticed her Easter basket was missing. Then shortly after we found them outside! Sneaky Easter bunny =:0)

Nana B and her babies!

When the family all arrived, the games and feasting began! I love that my kids hunt eggs in the same yard as I did growing up. memories...warm, lovely memories.

here comes Peter Cotton Tail...
this girl was a pro this year! she even found the silver prize egg! she got her colors confused and thought she had the gold so even better for her! She thinks she won the gold-HA!

Luca and Papa Bo...

and Blake brought his girlfriend home for the first time!

then end!

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