Thursday, February 23, 2012

loving life

This picture pretty much sums up our sassy sister these days. Her favorite new saying is, "AWWWWKWARRRD!"

And here are some of my favorite pictures I've taken lately of my little lovelies...

                                                  This is my favorite part of the weekend :)
I'm backdating a post from Superbowl Sunday! We had so much fun! I haven't been on my blogging game as usual. It's not like I'm busy these days or anything-HA!
MY LITTLE DARLINGS-I know I say this all the time, but they truly have a special bond and are so attached to each other. They are a TEAM!
I love that everywhere we go, Ella and Luca think it's a party just for them. Espeically Ella ;) She was talking the next week all about her party at Amy and Hersson's house :) Of course Amy bought them party favors and everyone was so happy to oblige that I'm not surprised!  
the baby whisperer...

Ella was so excited to hold the baby. She was ok with me holding the baby the idea so long as I understood that we would be taking Luca home and we would NOT be trading brothers :)

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