Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have been a horrible picture taker lately which makes this blog kind of boring, but seriously I've been SO tired lately! I've just been walking through my days and taking care of business while trying to keep my eyelids open! I think it's just the business of late and the post holiday rest and catch up that never happened. So we have spent our weekends hanging with friends, squeezing in a date here and there and hibernating for the remainder of winter to get ready for Spring!

I go back to the doctor next week for what will hopefully be either my last check up or next to last check up to be "cleared" of all post molar pregnancy issues. Pray all goes well!  
 Could they be any sweeter? I love how much they love each other. I hope they always do!

 Mike and I got a fun LATE night away thanks to Amy and Hersson who basically spent the night at our house to let us stay and party the night away! The wedding was so much fun and absolutely beautiful. Congratuations Mr. and Mrs. Kling!

Tonight we are starting the week off right at a Super Bowl Party!

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Diana said...

Love all those sweet little pictures of Ella & Luca! So happy you & Mike got a night away with each other! Love ya sister :) lylas