Sunday, January 15, 2012

a little of this and that

Lot's of exciting things have been happening here at the Reading house! I can't wait to report on those things later--but mama is sickly today so I'm just gonna lay here on this couch and blog about these two little lovelies...
this little dude has been on a trial base gluten and casein free diet to see if/how it helps his alopecia. Gluten includes everything that contains wheat and most things that contain like-everything. And casein is in dairy-which is like everything else he has left to eat :) but we have gotten the hang of it and it actually is helping. We are going to give it a few more months to see exactly how much it will help, but we have hair growth! I also want to see what is actually the diet and/or if it is a part of the regrowth pattern, which is why we will give it more time.
we let him break his diet every now and then. the first time we gave him real food about a month after we started this was in december. we ordered this boy a quarter pounder and he ate every last bite!!! he's never even eaten more than half of a regular happy meal-but he seized his opportunity for sure. and he was happy :)
this is what most of our days have looked like lately! we are enjoying a super relaxed post holiday schedule :)
Also, I'm behind on Luca's well check stats. I was late taking him in for his 15 month well check. Like 2 months late...oops! Anyway, he checked out "perfect"! However he is slowing down on the growth charts these days. Never did I ever think my nearly 9 1/2 pounder (a week early at birth) would have ever been called "petite", but he's slowed down a lot ranking at a whopping 31st percentile in height and weight :) He's very muscular and still has his big bowed chest--he just doesn't have any baby fat and he's not super tall!
and these are just because he's so darn cute :)

And have I mentioned that this little guy is into EVERYTHING?!?! I walked away last Sunday morning to grab my jacket before church and in the 2 seconds I took my eye off of him-he broke the dog bowl, tried to chew on the broken piece and cut his lip AND crawled up on the kitchen table to get my coffee mug that I strategically placed in the center so he couldn't reach it and he poured it down the hallway. We've started putting the remotes out of reach because he's obsessed with them and he hides them like a dog hides a bone! He hid our remote in the Christmas tree and it took us a month to discover it. The crafty little dude got the laundry hamper, carried it into the living room, turned it upside down and crawled up to reach the remotes. We can't outsmart him!

Ella and Luca got superhero capes for Christmas this year :) They love flighting around the house in them. Ella's favorite thing to do is throw Pippa behind the couch so she can rescue her-over and over again. Poor Pippa! But Ella sure does have a blast. I love her big "imagillation" ;)

And here is the little lady :) She is such a doll...
This is Ella with her American Girl doll and their matching Christmas dresses :) I forgot the doll at Christmas (along with everything else including my mind) so we had to wait for our picture. 
so cute together ;)

And then there's the newest addition to our family! She has just fit right in! We have learned a lot about Pippa. She loves to play with jingle bells. Her favorite treats are not beef chews, they are mini marshmallows. She likes to play with balls that she can bounce and tackle--like a cat. so we have been visiting the cat section to find her a few toys she'll actually play with.  She enjoys perching on the back of the couch and playing under the bed-like a cat. She like's to prey and pounce-like a cat. Even though she has some kitty like tendencies--she's so cute and the PERFECT dog for us :)

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