Saturday, December 10, 2011

tis the season

 We are getting fancy with our hats to keep our Luca baby's little head warm this winter!
 Ella had her preschool Christmas Program at Stringfellow this week! She was an angel and SO adorable. She sang Little Grey Donkey, Mary Had a Baby Boy and Happy Birthday Jesus. She sang loud and proud and sucked her thumb in between songs--which even though  I know she should be kicking the habit, I still thought it was adorable :)
That night we found out that Betsy and Ballard are picking up on her habit too...
 (bottom row to the right) She asked me that morning if I could sit on the first row so no one was in front of me so I could see her and she could see me. I thought that was so sweet. So I went nearly an hour early and still got on the second row! But I could see her and she could see me...mission accomplished :)
 after the program with her class!

 at the reception...

 ella and luca in their matching nommers. These two are my WORLD! They love each other so much. They hug, kiss, play and defend each other. They are a team :) 

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Diana said...

Oh Amber, Ella looked so beautiful & proud!! Mr. Luca is the most gorgeous lil boy I have laid eyes on. I love your adorable little family and I love YOU!