Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween, Ella was a cupcake and Luca was a garden gnome :) 

Ella was just the sweetest thing and it was just perfect for her. Her first birthday was a cupcake theme so I'm partial to those cupy-cakes :) She made it very clear to every one who opened their door that she was a cupcake with STRAWBERRY on top--not to be confused with the typical cherry on top. 
Luca was the loveliest little lawn ornament I have ever seen. Made me want to grow a garden :) He rocked the beard! He wore it for 4 hours straight until the sun went down! He got lots and lots of attention and he was so proud. He tore up the pavement roaming neighbor hood non-stop. 
Trick or Treat! The first stop before we headed off to McKinney was Nit's house of course!!!

He didn't stop for long...not even for the candy.

Trick or Treating in style with Nit and Terry! Now I want one of these!

We followed tradition this year and celebrated with our friends, the Rutigs, complete with my annual batch of white chicken chili and pumpkin crunch cake! Dessert was good, but next year I'll stick with my apple dumplins...there is a reason why they made the traditional menu. They are just SO good!

Ella ran door to door and even went through a neighborhood haunted house. We couldn't keep up with her! I remember as a child being so shy that I was too shy to mutter the words "trick or treat" when people came to the door...not this girl :)
The older Ella gets, I'm learning she is very much like her Mommy and Nana B. She loves holidays, festivities, parties, and celebrations :) She is SO MUCH FUN! She is already my little partner in crime. We are going to create all sorts of fun for ourselves together through the years...good times ahead :)
This dude never stopped walking so he made his way into plenty of people's homes as soon as they opened their door. All we had to do was point him in the direction and he took off!

When we got home, we handed out candy to the trick or treaters...Ella looooved this part. 

That's a wrap!

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