Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Remember these old things?!? these were ella's halloween jommies!

see! lil miss ella bella...

 sporting new fall boots compliments of nana b and papa bo!
cozying up together watching cartoons on a saturday morning. doesn't get any better...
luca and i went on a nice little walk one crisp fall morning while ella was at dance class...
and i got so tickled when i looked back and saw that he had made a nifty little foot rest and had kicked his feet up. ah the good life :)
 Enjoying a nice fall day at the park...Luca thoroughly enjoying his first happy meal :)

 We hit up Ella's fall festival at her preschool...lots of fun with friends, pumpkin crafts, face painting, cotton candy and playing!

 Ella and her teacher Mrs. Ashley!

 I also love fall for the fun fall projects, cooking and crafts :) Ella said she wanted to decorate her pumpkin instead of carving it so we took her up on that offer!

 Nit gave Ella and Luca their own mini pumpkins. Ella made hers a witch and decorated Luca's like a cat. She thought he'd like that. She's so sweet!

WE LOVE ALL THINGS FALL!!! (although I do have to say I'm having withdrawals from the beautiful trees and weather in Arkansas...home sweet home!)

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