Sunday, October 30, 2011

pumpkin patch

last year...
 this year!

that little pumpkin on the right side is getting so big :( it was her idea to take a picture standing up next to luca and the pumpkin to show how tall she is. turned out adorable!
look how far we've come. Here is our precious ella avery at her first pumpkin patch...

and luca at his first pumpkin patch last year!

Our visit to the pumpkin patch was extra special this year! It is an old tradition in my family, but since I've moved away, had children and all my cousins have grown up as well, our tradition now is mom coming to Texas and us going to the pumpkin patch and carrying the tradition on with the kiddies. However, this year was different! We took a day trip to Tulsa for my Aunt Kim's 50th birthday (which was awesome) and so we were all together and able to go to the pumpkin patch as a family with the cousins again...minus 1 (we missed you blake)!
The cousins minus Blake :(
 luca baby was SO excited about the mini pumpkins. he was beaming!

This hoss was hosting his own punkin chunkin contest. Anytime he could get his hands on one, it went flying through the air 2 seconds later! I think he might throw shot put in track someday :)
On a pony ride with Uncle ElJeffy...she was so excited because she got the pony she hair and a princess strapped on :) sounds about right for this girlie girl!
 sooo excited!


Luca baby was tearing it up at the patch...he didn't stop for long despite the fact he hadn't taken one single nap all day! He's a party animal!
and a visit to the pumpkin patch would not be complete without a train ride! I love this picture of my mom and the have no idea how hard it is to get both of these little lovelies to look at the camera with a presentable expression at the SAME TIME! haha
face painting too of course. Ella chose a rainbow butterfly. she's so indecisive that she usually opts for "rainbow" when asked to choose her favorite color...gets it from her mama :)
 After the patch, we all went to Starubucks for pumpkin spice lattes and halloween goodies!

 We can't wait for Halloween and trick-or-treating!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Remember these old things?!? these were ella's halloween jommies!

see! lil miss ella bella...

 sporting new fall boots compliments of nana b and papa bo!
cozying up together watching cartoons on a saturday morning. doesn't get any better...
luca and i went on a nice little walk one crisp fall morning while ella was at dance class...
and i got so tickled when i looked back and saw that he had made a nifty little foot rest and had kicked his feet up. ah the good life :)
 Enjoying a nice fall day at the park...Luca thoroughly enjoying his first happy meal :)

 We hit up Ella's fall festival at her preschool...lots of fun with friends, pumpkin crafts, face painting, cotton candy and playing!

 Ella and her teacher Mrs. Ashley!

 I also love fall for the fun fall projects, cooking and crafts :) Ella said she wanted to decorate her pumpkin instead of carving it so we took her up on that offer!

 Nit gave Ella and Luca their own mini pumpkins. Ella made hers a witch and decorated Luca's like a cat. She thought he'd like that. She's so sweet!

WE LOVE ALL THINGS FALL!!! (although I do have to say I'm having withdrawals from the beautiful trees and weather in Arkansas...home sweet home!)