Friday, September 16, 2011

my little lady

Ella is back for year 2 of dance! She loved it so much and asked all summer when she could go back and see Mrs. Melva. Ella has a lot of new little girls in her class this year and on her first day back, she got to be the leader to show them the ropes! This was super fun for me to watch because I don't know if you remember my "runaway swan" post from when she started dance class last year...but let's just say she's come a long way :) I love watching her participate in things she enjoys and takes pride in. Here she is showing the class how to sit like a dancer...
If you turn the music off at the bottom you can hear the video better. It's pretty sweet. My sweet Ella was asked the color of her butterfly and of course she chose rainbow ;)
I love that Mrs. Melva teaches the girls dance through stories, manners through dance, and that GOD gave them them their gift! Win win win!

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