Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ella goes to preschool!

Ella is going to preschool! This a first for her and for me! I still see her as my baby so these days are exciting and surreal all at the same time. She was so excited. It is at a Methodist church right behind our house so she sees it every day and it is all we've heard about from her for months! The girl wanted to go to school. I always thought I'd just wait until Kindergarten, and let her be a baby for as long as possible, but this girl was ready. She still gets to see her beloved Nit 2 days a week so that is good. She loves her so. 
This is her teacher, Mrs. Ashley at meet the teacher!
in her room on the first day!
 No tears on the first day (except for maybe a few from me at some random time in the day when it hit me all at baby girl is a preschooler!) She rocked it. She couldn't get there fast enough and she didn't have one single nerve--further confirming she was so ready. Knowing this helped me a lot.

 This picture shows how excited she was...
and this picture shows how mischievous she can be. We will see which side of Ella comes out at school :) as a teacher myself, I am super curious about this!

she literally danced her way down the street to preschool...

Her first day was a huge success. She fell apart at the end of the day at recess getting in line because someone took her spot. I was just glad she was melting down about it rather than decking him in the face...which is what she did to her friend at Nit's house when she wouldn't help her clean up :) Again, I am praying and researching that I will have the smarts and wisdom to steer her strong will, confidence and stubbornness for all the right things :) she is such a strong person and i just know she will go on to do great things. we love you ella bella!

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