Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess

Back in college, with all my sorority girls (oh how i miss the chi-o days), I had two nicknames. My girls referred to me as Bo. I wasn't ever really Amber, I was Bo. This is what they called me (my maiden name is Bohannan). And then somehow, in addition, I ended up with the nickname/"title": triple p...which stands for pretty pretty princess. :) it was a running running joke, but i guess maybe i was a tad prissy? i don't know! i'm sure they'd have plenty to share to throw me under the bus. somehow i "earned" it i guess. but TRUST ME things have changed :) mommyhood will do that! 

All that to say, I hereby pass the torch...
 and gladly hand my "title" over ...
to my very own pretty pretty princess in the making :)

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