Sunday, August 21, 2011

my littlest lovely is 1!!!!

and what a lovely year it was!

when ella was a baby, i was her favorite. i was your favorite too for the longest time. but right now, ella is your favorite. i have some major competition!
      -the first thing when you say when you wake up in the morning/from a nap is ella (about 20 times)
      -when you got your shots at the doctor, you cried for ella.
      -on your first birthday when you got to dig into cake for the first time and realized how yummy it  was, you called for ella.
      -when ella leaves the room, you follow. if you don't see where she went, you walk everywhere yelling, "ella ella ella ella"!!!!

you get a little more pitiful when mommy is around. it's a little confusing. i never want to blow off anything you may feel or that could be hurting, but it's hard to know because you just get a little more sensitive cry all the time when i'm around!

you walk everywhere and are working on a run.

you are a picky eater!!!!!!! but you LOVE can eat an adult sized portion, and scream when it's gone. because of this, i've started to call you my little meatball :)

you aren't super hefty anymore! you still have your big bowed chest and muscular little body...but you don't weigh all that much and are not very tall---40th percentile for height and 49th for weight. 

you know what thing's pertain to the word "no no", but we aren't quite sure you know what no no means. you'll walk up to the technology appliances, curtains, outlets, and fireplace and shake your head back and forth and say "nononononon" you climb on them and push their buttons and do all the "nono's"

This seems like just yesterday. It all goes by so fast. This was 3 weeks before I had you. Honey, you were huge...therefore, so was I. Acutally, I'm still paying for that. But I'd do it a thousand times again!

i just can't imagine you not being in our lives and can't remember a time when it felt like you weren't here, even before you actually were.  just know you are loved and perfect in our eyes. we love you so much luca baby. thank you for the joy you have brought to our lives this past year.

to this day, I can still see every single face you have in these pictures. i'm so thankful i have them!
(i see so much of ella in this one)

you are some kind of wonderful, love. i can't wait to see what this next year holds.

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Diana said...

Happy Birthday L baby! You're such a handsome man & I can't wait to see you again. You sure are a loved little dude!