Tuesday, August 9, 2011


luca has had a couple of "firsts" lately! we decided it was time for his first hair cut to get all spiffy for his FIRST birthday :) We are growing his hair out, but it was starting to get a little shaggy so we just shaped it up a bit. 

this is the before. 
i love that he's admiring himself in the mirror. it's almost like he's telling us "i'm so cute already! who needs a haircut?"

he wasn't so sure about the spray down...

 trim trim trim, snip snip snip!

and there is my handsome boy!

Friday was his actual first birthday! Mimi and Pops spent the day with the kids so my mom and I could get ready for the big party :) (party pics coming soon!) Papa Bo is still in Alaska, but he will be home this Friday! We took a little time out Friday night to go to dinner at Razoos. This was where we took little miss on her first birthday too...memories :)

 he got the biggest smile on his face when they came to sing to him and gave him his dessert :) he did the same thing at the party. so cute--he knows he's a big deal :)

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Walking With The Wheats said...

I love the "first" haircuts! My little Abbie is needing her second just to shape it up a bit.