Monday, July 11, 2011

My littlest lovely-11 months!

Luca you are 11 months! I'm a little late on my post because I just can't bring myslef to cover the 11th month. You know why? Because that means next month we will celebrate your FIRST BIRTHDAY! Those dang birthdays are always so hard for mama. I'm a little more experienced this time, so hopefully I don't completely melt down like I did for Ella's first...and second...and third. HA! It won't be the first time your crazy mother embarrases you sweet boy ;)
The biggest milestone to report: you can walk!!! Just a few days after you turned 11 months, you took a couple of steps. Later that night, you took a few more. The next day, you were up to 8! And now you are getting a little braver. I have a feeling you'll be walking around on your first birthday. You're words are: mama, dada, ella, nana, mimi, papa, and "pos"/pops.
Even though you are approaching 1, you still seem to be very much a baby. When Ella turned one, we saw toddlerhood quickly approaching. She was ready to ditch the bottle, she was drinking whole milk, she was eating enough table food to survive, she could feed herself. Little Miss Independent I guess you could say. Seeing how fast it all flew by, I'm totally ok if you just stay baby a little longer.

What am I doing on this blog? I've got some party planning to do!!!

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