Thursday, June 2, 2011

summer has arrived!!!

Tomorrow is the last day of school-and a half day at that-and I am absolutely ECSTATIC!!! I can't wait to chill, play, sleep, party all summer long. We haven't signed either kids up for anything and we are just planning to be nomads. We are just going to see when and where we end up from day to day this summer. Very refreshing. :)

We started off on memorial day at the Coppell water park with Ella, Luca, Kenzie, and her baby brother Wyatt (in utero).

This was Luca's first time in the swimming pool. As you can see it went over very well ;) He loves baths and is not afraid of anything so far, but I'll be adding this to the list! He started crying as soon as he laid eyes on the pool and it didn't get any better. Maybe his was just frightened by his Dad's hairy monster legs?
So he spent a lot of time here...but still not amused!

After a while we did get him in the water...kind of. He was fine as long as he was being held to my chest, both little hands clenched around my arms, and face in my neck. If a toe hit the water, he just inched up even higher. It was actually kind of cute-but I'm pretty sure I have his imprint as a tan line on my front side.

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