Tuesday, May 3, 2011


BiRtHdAy PaRtIeS!!!
omg...baby pigs...I threw the biggest fit in junior high because I just didn't understand why my parents would let me have a baby pot belly pig! I'm talking weeks of begging, pleeing, bribing, convincing, and possibly even crying. Much to my sadness, Ella was not a pig fan. Notice she has her arms safely tucked behind her back. Little does she know, I'm still not over it and if she asked me today, I'd buy the girl a pig :)
and here, I'm clearly trying to work up the courage to catch the dad-gum pig haha
my little mother hen feeding baby goats!
and baby ducks! Note to self...petting zoo birthdays are C-O-O-L!!!

(which means lots of indoor cozy fun while big sister hides in closets)
uh, lookin a bit like your mama...

luca loves being a little brother...he's so good at it. he loves watching ella and making every attempt to keep up with her. i have a feeling he'll be playing lots of barbies, dress up, and baby dolls in his day. he's a sensitive dude...he'll be alright :)


spring rain showers=indoor egg hunts

We heart spring!!!

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