Saturday, May 21, 2011


We've just been taking it easy. Easy living is the life for me. We've had quiet weekends at home and landed with friends here and there. I am keeping it chill for the next couple of weeks until...summer break! Every year goes by faster but being on maternity leave for the first part of this year made it zoom by! Here is what we've been up too lately...
buds...i mean, dudes.
beautiful-just beautiful
cool, cloudy days at the park...enjoying spring before the beating Texas heat :/
fun days at a community event called BOUNCE!
kite flying at the duck pond...
my poor luca was the "shady" looking kid at the park haha.
we've taken LOTS of naps lately. Luca has been extra cranky for some reason. But I remember taking Ella to the doctor around this age just knowing something was seriously wrong, only to be gently informed that she was just throwing fits :) so i think that is what's going down here.
such a wild sleeper just like Ella Bella used to do in her crib!

she's got a look of her own :)
peek a boo!
sassy britches!

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