Monday, May 30, 2011

Ella Bella's Dancing Debut!

My sweet Ella Bella has been transformed from the run away swan (as seen on video from the beginning of dance class) to a beautiful little performer :) First we had rehearsal...I was excited to put all of her sequined tutu and accessories on her but I was REALLY excited to put on her make-up. I'm talking stage make-up...lots and lots of make-up!
Mommy are you still watching?

Our recital was at the beautiful inside!

Such a sweet little cupycake :) In her recital, she was a baker. She danced to a song called "Jumbalaya". As we were arriving, her nerves were setting in and she got a stomach ache. And she snapped into a VERY funky mood.

I took her backstage and she was screaming at the top of her lungs demanding Dr. Pepper and ice cream. I want a little something like this, "I. WANT. DRPEPPER AND ICE CREAM! GIVE ME SOME DR PEPPER AND IIIIICCCCEEEE CREAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!" Not gonna wasn't pretty. I wasn't so sure I'd see her on stage when her song came up. I told her that i'd give her Dr. Pepper and ice cream after the show if she'd be a good girl and let mommy go and dance pretty. She didn't let me go, I had to make a get away escape, but she did dance pretty...and proud :)
That's a very big stage for such a little girl! When the curtains rolled back and her class was skipping onto stage to take their places, she was there! Smiling, happy, and dancing. When people started oohing and ahhing over the little cuties, she danced a little harder and smiled very proudly. She stopped mid song to organize some of the props to put them in there designated spot on the stage and then finished the song out and waved at her Daddy.
Kate came with me to help me pick her up on stage after the finale and she gave her a big hug. Then she looked at me and said, "where's my flowers?" She had added flowers to her list of demands from earlier in the show.
Her bestie was there to deliver and gave Ella a big ole bundle of flowers. We took her home and got her Dr. Pepper and ice cream. I thought I had it covered, but as we were putting her to bed, she asked for a trophy haha. Have you read the children's book "If You Give a Pig a Pancake"? If you have you'll know what I mean :)
It brought back so many memories from my very own dance recitals! Not much has changed in the dance world...except you aren't allowed to record your own videos :(
I love having a little girl :) These two are just presh!
I can't wait until next year!

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