Friday, May 13, 2011

9 lovely little months

Word from the doc at his 9 month app:
21 lbs-60th percentile
27.8 inches- 30th percentile
he's perfect :)
I once saw this definition of "boy" and it went a little something like this:

***BOY-noun-prounounced: b-oi
meaning: 1) a noise with dirt on it
2) the wildest animal of all
3) most precious to their mothers

And that is pretty much the t-total beautiful truth. You are so noisy---do all boys scream at the tops of their lungs for every single emotion they experience? This is new to me. You love to make messes and get into EV-ER-Y-THING...curtains, bathtubs, toilets, cabinets, furniture, plugs (don't worry we have protectors), showers, the cable box, the internet router, the remote, (notice a technology theme here?), closets, windows, pantry, blinds, bookshelves, the FIREPLACE. You are a magnet to all things dangerous and you are so intrigued. I just know you are trying to figure out how to fly. I think this is the stage where we start to see the clear differences of having a boy versus our dainty, play it safe, tidy, little girl :) You train yourself every day to get better at standing up. It's your goal in life right now. I swear, you started crawling (forward) a couple weeks ago and then days later you were pulling up and trying to set sail! You are wild, you are crazy, you are fearless, (just a tad sensitive haha), you are handsome, you are ALL BOY!!! And I am so in love with you.

With all of these new "inspirations" come a lot more boo boos :( You cry so much harder and longer about the tiniest little bumps than your sister ever did! I think it's cute. Teething too...that seems to be rough on you. That's not so cute, just sad :(

You can also wave and say bye bye now and you have your top 2 teeth (4 total)! Whew, busy month.

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Kristen said...

This sounds like Cason :) He definitely does the screaming thing for every emotion---it can be quite embarrassing out in public :) Your little cutie is precious!