Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my littlest lovely- 8 months

To quickly sum you up at 8 months, I would just have to say...stud muffin. You're so stinkin cute. But there is no "quickly summing it up" when it comes to my sweet babes so this is what you are up to this month...

You were dedicated at our church! We had family in town to celebrate with us and it was a sweet time. Since we don't live super close to our family, it is always extra special and means a lot when they come. Here was your slide!

catchin up with Pops...

ella driving nana b and luca around in her pillow car...

Highlights: You are saying Mama on demand! Mommy is your favorite. You get super giddy in the mornings as soon as you find Mommy. We are pretty much in love :)You cut your first tooth AND the second one just a week later...both on the bottom...very cute :)

You are sleeping like a CHAMP!

You are a screamer.

You like to smooch...mmmmwah!

We found baby food that you like. Of course it's more expensive. It just so happens to be called "Ella's Kitchen" so it makes it a little less painful to buy :) That's ok baby, I'll buy you gormet mush any day even if it was my last dollar...big boys need to eat!

You can't crawl yet, BUT...

You can literally hop to your knees (as seen in previous post).

You can hold a yoga position...

You can push up and hold a push up position for quite some time...belly off the floor and all! You're such a hoss I wouldn't be surprised if you were doing pushups before you were walking hehe ;)

You can push up off the floor to a sitting position...All that but no crawling yet!

And you still tug at our heartstrings with your precious pouty lip.

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