Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I think I've become the parental equivalent of the paprazzi and have respectively earned the mamarazzi title. My biggest fear is that they'll grow up and I'll forget that one face or hair-do or moment! I'm also a super scrappy mama who loves to scrapbook all these photos in my spare time. That is...when I'm not stalking my babies with my camera of course ;)
One of the things I want to remember about this boy is the HAIR! gotta love this do...
now if this doesn't make you smile on a bad day, I'm not sure what will!
His hair has made a statement about him since the day he was born--from the swirl in the front to the spike in the back. His personality wears it well :)
and this one too haha!
i just love her...
and here is the little (ok big) stud in his big boy carseat!!! I didn't really want to make the transition just because I still want him to be my tiny little baby, but let's face it, he was never tiny and he'll always be my baby :) he loves it. he screams and squeels the whole time he's in it!
And here are a few pics from our quiet Easter day at home. We can't wait to get to Arkansas next weekend and celebrate with FAMILY!!!
pretty bunny!
funny bunny!

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