Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

I went back in time on the blog looking for a certain picture of Baby Ella that reminds me of Luca and I came across some of my favorites :) Here is Ella Bella at 9-10 months! When look at these, I feel like I'm looking at last week's blog post. Seriously! It's just a good reminder to CHERISH EVERY SECOND of their little lives. They don't stay the same for long!

Just and average low key day at the park...with a tiara on ;) She has always been the princess!

This is the picture I was looking for. Although this is a bit blurry, Ella's look of concentration...
reminds me a lot of Luca's look of concentration. Although I think that Luca's may be a bit more intense with those lips of his ;)

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Diana said...

sweet babies!!! love seeing their pictures!