Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I think I've become the parental equivalent of the paprazzi and have respectively earned the mamarazzi title. My biggest fear is that they'll grow up and I'll forget that one face or hair-do or moment! I'm also a super scrappy mama who loves to scrapbook all these photos in my spare time. That is...when I'm not stalking my babies with my camera of course ;)
One of the things I want to remember about this boy is the HAIR! gotta love this do...
now if this doesn't make you smile on a bad day, I'm not sure what will!
His hair has made a statement about him since the day he was born--from the swirl in the front to the spike in the back. His personality wears it well :)
and this one too haha!
i just love her...
and here is the little (ok big) stud in his big boy carseat!!! I didn't really want to make the transition just because I still want him to be my tiny little baby, but let's face it, he was never tiny and he'll always be my baby :) he loves it. he screams and squeels the whole time he's in it!
And here are a few pics from our quiet Easter day at home. We can't wait to get to Arkansas next weekend and celebrate with FAMILY!!!
pretty bunny!
funny bunny!

Friday, April 22, 2011

stop and smell the roses

Our friends had a "stop and smell the roses" party. They have it once a year when their roses bloom! We had so much fun, I don't really think we should wait another year to do it! It was the PERFECT most beautiful spring evening.
See the sign their son made? It says "Happy Glo Glushes" because it rhymes with "happy Rose Bushes"...gotta love 4 year old humor ;)

Luca was happy on his little blanket but even happier rolling in the grass...boys!

Happy Spring!

Monday, April 18, 2011

the boy needs a dog!

snips, snails, and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of!

this little dude needs a dog...

(scroll to the very bottom to turn the music off to get a load of this precious laughter!)

melt. my. heart.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

life is beautiful

luca's first crawling steps...

notice I had to video him crawling from the rear side as I hide behind the coffee table--if i don't and he sees his mama, this is what we get...

and here is my tiny little dancer.

life is beautiful!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pink Hearts Fund

On Friday, I donated two 12" ponytails to the Pink Hearts Fund. The Pink Hearts Fund is an amazing organization that makes wigs for adults and children who have completely lost their hair, have radiation burns, or have even just lost a little hair. The best part is, they give their wigs away for free. Cancer has hit too close to home for my family this year, so I was so excited to be a part of this day at my school. It has taken place every year since I've been working here, but it has a whole new meaning and importance to me now. When something as ugly as cancer strikes in your family, you go through it together as a family. So we did this together...even little Luca. And we participated in helping those with cancer in some way together. So this one is for YOU Granny! We love you!!!

We started the morning off with pink donuts for pink hearts day :)




It was a very special day to be able to do this and make a difference and speak out against cancer in some way. It is such an ugly disease and it is so difficult watch someone you love so deeply have to battle it when there is nothing you can do. But cutting off my long locks is something I CAN do!

You can click HERE to see the news footage.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

my littlest lovely- 8 months

To quickly sum you up at 8 months, I would just have to say...stud muffin. You're so stinkin cute. But there is no "quickly summing it up" when it comes to my sweet babes so this is what you are up to this month...

You were dedicated at our church! We had family in town to celebrate with us and it was a sweet time. Since we don't live super close to our family, it is always extra special and means a lot when they come. Here was your slide!

catchin up with Pops...

ella driving nana b and luca around in her pillow car...

Highlights: You are saying Mama on demand! Mommy is your favorite. You get super giddy in the mornings as soon as you find Mommy. We are pretty much in love :)You cut your first tooth AND the second one just a week later...both on the bottom...very cute :)

You are sleeping like a CHAMP!

You are a screamer.

You like to smooch...mmmmwah!

We found baby food that you like. Of course it's more expensive. It just so happens to be called "Ella's Kitchen" so it makes it a little less painful to buy :) That's ok baby, I'll buy you gormet mush any day even if it was my last dollar...big boys need to eat!

You can't crawl yet, BUT...

You can literally hop to your knees (as seen in previous post).

You can hold a yoga position...

You can push up and hold a push up position for quite some time...belly off the floor and all! You're such a hoss I wouldn't be surprised if you were doing pushups before you were walking hehe ;)

You can push up off the floor to a sitting position...All that but no crawling yet!

And you still tug at our heartstrings with your precious pouty lip.

Monday, April 4, 2011

some more shameless bragging

First I have to say that I am one proud mama. I think that is obvious! I have so many pictures and they don't always fit into a post, so every now and then, an entire post of pictures and shameless bragging is called for :) My lovelies are my favorite...my pretty one, my tiny one, AND the hunky one that is taking our picture ;) love you babe! Why do I call them my lovelies? Because these little souls make our lives beautiful and lovely in every way.

Luca, I love you because you are...
you are spikey...
kinda wild sometimes...

you are pretty...
I could put a bow in your hair and call you Lila and no one would know you were a little fella ;)Ella, I love you because you are...

sassy aka too big for your britches :)

beautiful inside and out...

you are social...you are a friend to all...you are the life of the party...and if there isn't a party going on, you'll get one started =D