Friday, March 11, 2011

my littlest lovely- 7 months

Oh, Luca my love, I just thought I was in love 7 months ago when I brought you into this world...turbo style ;) And don't get me wrong...I was! But to say I love you more every day is an understatement. My heart almost hurts sometimes I love you so much. I say this like it is something I've never felt, but it's not. Falling in love with sissy lu was the same way. And I love her so much that I was afraid that nothing could compare to it. But it is just amazing how God gives you enough love in your heart for all your babies. I love you to pieces...everything about you is absolutely perfect to me. Even your stinky baby feet :)

7 month highlights:
-You said Mama for the first time ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!
- You can officially sit up by yourself
-You can get into the crawling position and scoot backwards!
- You have finally figured out how to drink efficiently from a bottle. Not a big fan of baby food.
- We recently weened. It was TOUGH for mommy. You still try to go for it sometimes, and that's ok! We nurse every now and then.
-I know you got a large start to this life, but believe it or not, sissy lu was bigger than you at this age!
- You have 2 little bottom teeth that are about to come through! I think by next month we will be able to document your first tooth!

And here you are at your adorable, precious, happy, lovely 7th month of life...

gosh. the pout. gets me every time.
I love this pic because you look like the baby version of ME!
I see this chunky baby booty view a lot these days as you are trying your best to go places.
This picture captures 3 of my favorite things about you: your smile, your eyelashes, and your crazy hair!
love. i am so happy.

Have I mentioned how much your sissy looooooves to love and mother you? Good thing you love your mommy because you have 2!

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