Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Greetings from Luca...in Thai!

When hearing "chang chang" the Thai phrase for greetings/hello, Mr. Luca has learned the hand movements/signing that goes along with it! It's so cute. He really only does it for Nit, Terry (her hubby) or Ella. They recorded it for me and sent it to me while I was at work one day and it made my day. So greetings from Luca...Thai style!

(just click play)

Most of you know or have heard of Nit...the amazing, most wonderful, loving, caring, nurturing, baby whisperer...I mean, baby sitter! She takes such good care of my babies during the day while I'm at work. I'm SO blessed to have her. She and her husband are from Thailand...so naturally their first language was Thai. I love that they teach cute little phrases and songs to my babies.

When Ella was a baby, they taught her the baby bumble bee song in Thai along with the signing that goes with it. It was so cute! I can't wait for Luca to learn it...maybe Ella can help teach him :)

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