Sunday, March 27, 2011

ella's first slumber partyyyyyy!!!

I...I mean, WE had soooo much fun! Ella's cousin Kenzie came over to stay with us for the weekend for their first slumber party, and boy did we party! This is one of the many reasons I love having a little girl. This was the first of many to come and I plan on planning out and attending every single one until she's a too school for cool teenager ;) (i know that's's a part of a song ella loves to jam out too). I love party planning and all things GIRLY, I love crafts and junk food, and I'm pretty goofy too...not to mention, I was a pretty experienced slumber partier in my slumber parties are right up my ally! It brought out my inner little girl that still lives inside of me and loves to come out and play. So anyway, this weekend was dedicated to the girls. And it was a good one :)

This slumber party was pretty classic...
lots of giggles...
and an inexperienced Daddy wasting way too much time trying to get everyone calm, quiet, and ready for bedtime! HA!
They even slept in the same bed! I took them a while the first night to quit giggling but the second night they were OUT. I loved the reminded me of the good ole days!

Getting ready for Spring and decorating our umbrellas!

The finished product...TA DA!!!

It was a warm beautiful Spring day so we headed off to Tappys for some frozen yogurt.
It tastes as good as it looks! Yum!

I even managed to get both girls and Luca baby down for a nap at the SAME TIME on Saturday! I wasn't expecting that, but that pretty much made me feel like an rockstar mom/hostess :)
Then we went to the park and then to church. Kenzie went back and forth from playing in Ella's room to helping me with the babies in the nursery. Then we went to McDonalds to get happy with some happy meals and then we came home to settle down with our final craft!
We made picture frames and made our own pictures inside with cutouts and contact paper.
So proud!

Then we used colored contact paper to make these fun pictures for the light!
So what did Luca do this weekend? Well, he was busy cutting his FIRST tooth! After weeks of pain and agony, his first tooth FINALLY came in Saturday afternoon. No lie. I checked it Saturday morning and it was almost there. By Saturday night, we had a little tooth. :) Then he did a lot of this...
We got up this morning and went to the park. Then we came home and had a camp out in the living room and watched movies.
Well it's obvious I'm not as young and vivacious as these two little cuties. They were still going strong this Sunday morning and Auntie/Mama was dragging a little :)

Cheers to a fantabulous weekend for the girls!

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